Board of Directors

Saginaw Choral Society is governed by a volunteer board of directors who meet monthly. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 5:15pm in the Manager’s Suite of the Temple Theatre. Board terms are three years, with two-thirds members coming from the community at large and one-third coming from the singing membership.

New board member terms start at the beginning of the fiscal year, July 1. If you are interested in becoming a future board member, please contact Tamara Grefe, Executive Director, at 989-753-1812.


Executive Board & Committee Chairs
Karen Stiffler

Nancy Stevenson
Vice President

Kathy Bocade

Alex Henriquez

Janie Gugino
Special Events

Kathy Bocade & Dave Lyman


Steve Anderson
Thomas Braley
Robert Hart
Jennifer Jarvis
Jim Smerdon
Dave Tagget
Rev. James T. Williams


Jeremiah Kraniak
Interim Music Director & Conductor
email Jeremiah

Tamara Grefe
Executive Director
email Tamara

Catherine McMichael
email Catherine

Kathleen Scott
Office & Production Mgr.
email Kathleen